I am passionate about delivering knowledge to others in easily digested, fun and exciting ways. I have been writing and delivering workshops and diplomas with my husband James for several years. We have consistently great feedback from our students many of which return to do other courses with us because they enjoy our teaching style.

I create bespoke training for individuals and organisations, some of the trainings I have created are, "Working with Self-Harm", "Attachment, Child Development and Trauma", "Introduction to Mental Health for Care Workers" and "Working with Puppets".

Please take a look at the Devon Counselling College website for information on other counselling Certificates, Diplomas and CPD Workshops that we offer or contact me for further details of bespoke training.


  • Diploma in Working with Young People

    I love your really natural styles of presentation - you don't make it feel like you're the professionals and we're mere little people.
  • Making the Implicit, Explicit

    Another really excellent, interesting and informative workshop. Thank you.
  • Working with Young People

    Thank you for sharing so many stories, it makes the working with children come to life and has made the day really interesting. I am taking away from the day your enthusiasm.
  • Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

    Presented really well and sensitively. Found it all interesting but the visualisations were really good because it got into the areas quickly.
  • Introduction to Body Process

    I appreciated the clear explanations of terminology and the freedom to say 'no' given at the start of the day put me at ease.
  • Working with Angry Clients

    Excellent handouts, explanations and practical exercises. I loved getting in touch with anger and realising it's OK.
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