I am passionate about delivering knowledge to others in easily digested, fun and exciting ways. I have been writing and delivering workshops and diplomas with my husband James for several years. We have consistently great feedback from our students many of which return to do other courses with us because they enjoy our teaching style.

I create bespoke training for individuals and organisations, some of the trainings I have created are, "Working with Self-Harm", "Attachment, Child Development and Trauma", "Introduction to Mental Health for Care Workers" and "Working with Puppets".

Please take a look at the website of Devon Counselling College for information on other counselling Certificates, Diplomas and CPD Workshops that we offer or contact me for further details of bespoke training.


Diploma in Working Therapeutically with Young People

This is a course where you will learn to work therapeutically, effectively and safely with young people. You will gain the confidence to help a young person to express themselves and tell their story whilst understanding and employing a variety of interventions. You will also reflect on your own adolescence and how this may affect your role as a young person's counsellor.

Starting with a foundation of understanding the development of the young person along with attachment patterns, you will be able to gain an understanding of the individual young person and tailor the therapy to suit their needs. You will encourage the young person to feel safe enough to have those important conversations, and empower them to explore how they can make the changes they may need to make. You will study the impact that the systems around the young person can have on them, this includes looking at the role of the family, school, their culture and the community that they live in. Exploring the practicalities of counselling young people, such as contracting, initial sessions as well as safeguarding, is balanced with developing therapeutic techniques and creative ways of working, thus offering an experience of therapy that can positively impact on the young person’s life.

This course has been awarded Advanced Specialist Course status by the National Counselling Society.

Diploma in Gestalt Therapy

This course is designed for therapists who want to work more deeply with the whole person. It is an experiential course which will teach you both the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy. By exploring how you relate to yourself other people and the world you will learn how to work with your clients in a Gestalt way, allowing deep, life changing therapeutic work to be undertaken.

Diploma in Supervision

This course will provide you with the relevant theoretical base and practical skills to enable you to be an effective, professional supervisor. While we will teach you the theory and skills, we will also actively encourage you to develop your own style as a supervisor.

The course is aimed at counsellors and psychotherapists who have sufficient experience to take on the role of a clinical supervisor, either as a lead counsellor in an agency, charity or organisation, or in independent practice.


Working with Young People

This workshop provides you with an introduction with working with young people aged from eleven to eighteen. We explore different issues that might be brought to counselling by young people, interventions that work with this age group and practical issues such as assessments and safe guarding.

Working with Angry Clients

Anger is healthy, yet expression of anger in our society is often frowned upon, thought of as unhealthy and discouraged. This leads to suppression or inappropriate expression of anger. Some clients come to therapy to directly deal with anger, but often the client may have come to deal with grief, relationship problems or other issues, and as the therapeutic process advances, anger emerges.

This workshop will explore anger, and how as therapists we can best facilitate our clients to explore and express their anger without fear or prejudice.

Working with Trauma

Many clients come to counselling because they have experienced some kind of trauma, whether this is because of abuse in childhood or adulthood, war, terrorism, accidents, illness, surgery, a difficult birth or a difficult or humiliating experience.

This workshop explores how trauma affects the mind and body and how, as therapists, we can work with client's who have experienced trauma.

Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse

As therapists, at some point in our career it is inevitable that we will encounter adult clients who have been through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

This gentle workshop encourages the exploration of sensitive yet powerful ways of helping the client to move safely though the resulting trauma, into a space of healing and release.

Introduction to Body Process

This course offers a grounded introduction to understanding and working therapeutically with body process. Whilst being aimed at practicing therapists and advanced students who wish to work more holistically, it is also an excellent opportunity for personal development.

The best way to learn and understand how to work with your clients in this way is to have had some experience of it yourself first. Through the use of experiential exercises you will learn various ways to work safely and to recognise and then help release trapped energies and blockages that would otherwise have adverse effects on the mind, body and soul.

Making the Implicit, Explicit

One of the main goals of counselling is to enable our clients to make the implicit explicit. This workshop shows methods of working with the body, mind and emotions to reveal our clients unconscious emotional patterns of relating to the world around them; by doing this, we enable our clients to fulfil their full potential.

Introduction to Mental Health

This workshop is designed for anyone who is involved with supporting people who have a mental health issue. Introducing common mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, self-harm among others. It also looks at self care for the carer/helper.


  • Diploma in Working with Young People

    I love your really natural styles of presentation - you don't make it feel like you're the professionals and we're mere little people.
  • Making the Implicit, Explicit

    Another really excellent, interesting and informative workshop. Thank you.
  • Working with Young People

    Thank you for sharing so many stories, it makes the working with children come to life and has made the day really interesting. I am taking away from the day your enthusiasm.
  • Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

    Presented really well and sensitively. Found it all interesting but the visualisations were really good because it got into the areas quickly.
  • Introduction to Body Process

    I appreciated the clear explanations of terminology and the freedom to say 'no' given at the start of the day put me at ease.
  • Working with Angry Clients

    Excellent handouts, explanations and practical exercises. I loved getting in touch with anger and realising it's OK.
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